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Thursday, April 12, 2007
  Spam, Spyware to Get More Dangerous, McAfee Predicts
According to McAfee's semi-annual Sage journal, a roundup of the company's ongoing security research, everything from spam to spyware will become more dangerous over the course of 2007 as hackers look for new ways to exploit end users' machines in their quest for fast cash. As was the case in 2006, the drive for profits among hackers and malware code writers will dominate development of the threat landscape over the next 12 months, McAfee experts said.

Blogging Code of Conduct Suggests Language Warnings
Readers should be warned when they are reading blogs that may contain 'crude language', a draft blogging code of conduct has suggested. The code was drawn up by web pioneer Tim O'Reilly following published threats and perceived harassment to US developer Kathy Sierra on blogs.

IRS Vows to Encrypt All Laptops Quickly
After an auditor found serious security problems in the way it handled sensitive data on laptops, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service said it will have all laptops encrypted within the next few weeks. Speaking in an interview with National Public Radio over the weekend, Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Mark Everson said his organization was making the effort following a recently released audit that found unencrypted data on a large percentage of IRS laptop computers.

Cablevision Appealing Video Recorder Ruling
Cable operator Cablevision Systems said that it's appealing a federal court ruling blocking the company from rolling out a new digital video recorder service that stores programs on servers in its network. In March, a U.S. District Court in New York barred the company from launching the service after Cablevision lost a suit that was filed by several Hollywood studios and TV networks.

U.S. Complains to WTO About Piracy in China
The Bush administration fired another salvo in its campaign against Chinese trade practices, announcing suits to force Beijing to crack down on rampant counterfeiting and drop restrictions on the distribution of American music, movies and books. U.S. Trade Representative Susan C. Schwab said the United States will file two formal complaints against China at the World Trade Organization in Geneva.

MySpace Rant "Political Speech," Appeals Court Rules
A judge violated a juvenile's free-speech rights when he placed her on probation for posting an expletive-laden entry on MySpace criticizing a school principal, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled. The three-judge panel ordered the Putnam Circuit Court to set aside its penalty against the girl, referred to only as A.B. in court records.

MySpace Bans Photobucket Videos in Ad Flap
Social-networking giant began preventing Photobucket videos and mashups from being uploaded to its pages. MySpace said Photobucket had violated MySpace's terms by encouraging users to post advertisements in their videos.

Study: E-Mail May Lose the War Against Spam
A recent study suggests that spam, which is projected to constitute the majority of e-mail sent worldwide this year, is killing e-mail's vitality in the business world. Users are looking to other communications methods like texting or VoIP. Is spam truly driving users away from e-mail or merely inspiring them to find new ways to protect their in-boxes?

Don't Let Your Data Go Down the Rabbit Hole
Unanticipated loss of data is the reason to back up. With all the data the SMB has, what should be backed up? The temptation would be to back up everything whether it is a business record or not. However, there is little business value in your aunt's photos from the Grand Canyon. Efforts should focus on records that change.

Blogs mark the first 10 years
'Check this out. Amazing!' It took just a brief sentence, and after those four words a revolution followed.

Industry to make waste submissions
Despite the disappointing turnout to a workshop on the Waste Management Bill, the IT Association says it will send a consolidated submission to the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT).

Bad Nationalism a Threat to Freedom of Expression (Page 1 of 1)
Next month, the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs will hear public representations on the Film and Publications Amendment Bill, which will amend the original 1996 act. Ostensibly, the amendments are being introduced to curb the easy availability of pornography, especially child pornography.

Inconsistent Enforcement of Email Policies: the Employer's Hobgoblin?
Ralph Waldo Emerson famously wrote that "a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." But, as a recent Fourth Circuit decision suggests, consistency is a good idea when it comes to enforcement of email use policies. In Media General Operations, Inc. v. National Labor Relations Board, the Fourth Circuit upheld the NLRB's finding that the Richmond Times-Dispatch, a newspaper owned by Media General, had wrongly interfered with employees' union communications. Although Media General had a policy prohibiting personal use of the company email system, the court noted that the company's enforcement of the policy was uneven, allowing a "wide variety of messages unrelated to company business" while prohibiting "union messages." Although this decision dealt with the narrow issue of labor relations, its reasoning could affect how courts treat claims by or against employees where employer monitoring of employees' communications or workers' violations of company computer policies are at issue. The lesson for employers: without uniform enforcement, an email use policy might not be very useful.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007
  Title Agency Warns Customers About Security Breach
There's a new warning about identity theft. Security Title Agency in Phoenix is warning customers about a security breach.

Hortica Alerting Public to Loss of Backup Tapes
Florists' Mutual Insurance Company (Hortica), an Illinois-based provider of employee benefits and insurance to companies in the horticultural industry, today announced that a locked shipping case containing magnetic backup tapes cannot be located. Hortica believes that the backup tapes contained personal information including names, Social Security numbers, drivers' license numbers, and/or bank account numbers.

Stolen laptops contain data on 40,000 Chicago schools employees
Two laptop computers stolen from Chicago Public Schools headquarters Friday contain the names and Social Security numbers of about 40,000 current and former employees, officials said.

US Piracy Complaints Draw China's Ire
The U.S. on Tuesday filed two official complaints with the WTO, stating that the levels of piracy and counterfeiting in China remain unacceptably high. The Chinese government responded with a statement from its commerce ministry, which stated China felt 'great regret and strong dissatisfaction' at the decision to file the complaints.

Time for a Web Services Reality Check?
'Web services are not the answer to every technical problem existing in companies today, but just as with many new technologies, Web services originally made a few promises that haven't quite made it to reality,' Chris Wissing, vice president of technology at Epsilon Data Management, told the E-Commerce Times.

The Nuts and Bolts of Virtualization
Though the cost of implementing virtualization solutions can range from a few hundred dollars to many thousands depending on the needs of the company, return on that investment is typically swift. 'The benefits are absolutely immediate -- that is one of the reasons there is so much hype about it,' said Mike Grandinetti, chief marketing officer of Virtual Iron Software.

Free Antivirus Download Roots Out Rootkits
Rootkits have become a severe threat in comparison to traditional malware because they are often overlooked by conventional antivirus systems. They execute by embedding applications within the operating system, so it is important to correctly distinguish between malicious rootkits and legitimately hidden processes.

Teen Arrested for Prostitution on Craigslist
A teenager once arrested alongside her mother in a prostitution case has been accused of running an escort service out of her suburban Chicago home using the popular website Craigslist. Kimberly Petersen, 17, was arrested after detectives doing a routine search of the site's classified boards found one that included an offer to 'enjoy a beautiful blonde' for $250 an hour and pictures of a smiling woman in lingerie.

Principal Sues Former Students for Defamation Online
A Pennsylvania school principal has filed a lawsuit against four former students, claiming they falsely portrayed him as a pot smoker, beer guzzler and pornography lover and sullied his reputation through mock MySpace profiles. He claims that the students committed defamation by posting three separate profiles bearing his name, official school portrait and a host of 'unsubstantiated allegations, derogatory comments and false statements' about him, according to a complaint filed in Mercer County, Penn., civil court.

GOP-Provided E-mail System Creates Problems for White House
A dual computer system is creating new embarrassment and legal headaches for the White House, the Republican Party and Rove's once-vaunted White House operation. Democrats say evidence suggests the RNC e-mail system was used for political and government policy matters in violation of federal record preservation and disclosure rules.

AFP-Google Settlement Leaves Questions Unanswered
The resolution of AFP's lawsuit against Google closes a two-year litigation process but opens up many questions, primarily because the companies provided few details about their settlement and licensing agreement. For example, it's not clear whether the licensing agreement involves Google paying AFP for the right to use its material in Google News.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007
  Ideas behind computer games can be copied, says Court of Appeal | OUT-LAW.COM
General ideas and structures behind computer games and programs can be copied as long as the source code and graphics are not, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

Google reveals exec salary deal
Search engine giant Google only paid its three executives salaries of $1 (50p) in 2006, accounts show.

Cursor hackers target WoW players
World of Warcraft players are being targeted by hackers exploiting flaws in how Windows handles animated cursors.

Websites urged to act on bullies
Web giants like YouTube are being urged to get tough with the cyber-bullies that use their sites to make pupils' and teachers' lives a misery.

Weblogs 'need content warnings'
Readers should be warned when they are reading blogs that may contain 'crude language', a draft blogging code of conduct has suggested.

Turkey to block 'insulting' Web sites
A parliamentary commission approved a proposal Thursday allowing Turkey to block Web sites that are deemed insulting to the founder of modern Turkey, weeks after a Turkish court temporarily barred access to YouTube.

ICT industry breaks free
The local ICT sector is expected to see a complete overhaul by the middle of this year, as the line between telecommunications operators and broadcasters blurs with the arrival of a new converged environment.

Scorpions bust online fraudsters
A former IT insider will spend the next three years in prison after being stung by the Scorpions last month. In what the Scorpions describe as a South African first, the man was caught raiding the pockets of Standard Bank account-holders.

SA governance is on par
Locally-listed companies are as well governed as those listed in London and Frankfurt, explained Mervyn King, author of the King Committee Report, at last week's ITWeb-BMC Software-hosted event.

New Telkom CEO will need political savvy
SURPRISE over the sudden departure of Telkom CEO Papi Molotsane last week has been replaced with nervous speculation about who will replace him.

State denies interfering with Icasa
THE communications department has sought to allay fears that it is interfering in the issuing of new pay-TV licences by the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) by imposing a moratorium on the process.

Sunday Times daily in June
THE Sunday Times has formalised the announcement of its long-awaited daily newspaper, The Times, with a launch target of June.

Business Connexion website hacked
The Business Connexion website has been hacked over the Easter Weekend.

Who's Guarding Your Data in the Cybervault?
'ChoicePoint transformed itself from a poster child of data breaches to a role model for data security and privacy practices,' says Gartner analyst Avivah Litan. Despite ChoicePoint's makeover, there's rising concern among privacy experts and legislators about the frenetic business of assembling and distributing personal data.

AFP, Google Settle Copyright Infringement Suit
The global news service Agence France-Presse has settled its copyright infringement lawsuit against Google. The deal will allow Google to use headlines and photos on Google News and other services that drive online traffic to sites displaying AFP news. The companies didn't disclose where else AFP's news would be used by Google.

YouTube to Help Thailand Block Offensive Videos
Video-sharing Web site YouTube will help Thailand block access to pages that contain clips offensive to its revered monarch instead of blacking out the whole site, a cabinet minister said. Communications Minister Sitthichai Pookaiyaudom told Reuters the idea came during a phone call with a California-based government liason officer of Google Inc, which owns YouTube.

Microsoft Plans to Patch Five Vulnerabilities
Microsoft announced in its monthly Patch Tuesday preview that it plans to release security updates for five individual product vulnerabilities, including two critical issues. After failing to release any security patches in March 2007 and issuing a rare, out-of-band fix for a highly critical Windows flaw on April 3, the software maker reported that it will drop four additional updates for its flagship operating system, along with a bulletin meant to address a problem in its Content Management Server.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007
  Google goes back to maps showing Katrina damage -
Google Inc. is once again showing this city in ruins after the company came under fire for replacing post-Hurricane Katrina imagery on its popular map portal with views of the city as it existed before the storm.

Blogger freed after after record contempt stint -
Video blogger Joshua Wolf, who spent a record-setting stint behind bars for refusing to turn over his footage of a chaotic 2005 street protest, walked out of prison after cutting a deal with prosecutors.

Cyber bullying threat to teachers
Teachers are calling for much tougher restrictions to protect staff from 'cyber bullying' by pupils.

Online Trading Firms to Swap Fraud Tips - Security Fix today ran a story I wrote about representatives from some of the nation's top online stock trading firms who will meet tomorrow with federal law enforcement officials to discuss ways they can work together to combat Internet fraud.

A Fresh Look at Password Thieves - Security Fix
Security Fix recently published information about thousands of U.S. residents whose passwords and other data had been stolen by nefarious hackers.

Banks’ role in reporting e-crime raises concerns - 05 Apr 2007 -
Industry experts have criticised new procedures that make banks the first point of contact for reporting online fraud.

Pharmaceutical firm revamps intranet to improve data access - 05 Apr 2007 -
UK pharmaceutical firm Shire is overhauling its intranet technology to improve staff efficiency.

History of advertising and printed culture goes online - Information World Review
Educational database provider ProQuest CSA is to digitise a rare collection of advertising and cultural items. The John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera is a rare collection of material including posters, handbills and book prospectuses.

Privacy law still way off
It has been under discussion for seven years, but there is still no sign of a much talked-about privacy law in Parliament.

Think before you forward that e-mail
For many of us, it's a morning ritual: perusing incoming e-mails while sipping a cup of coffee. Some messages require time for thought or discussion with colleagues before replying to, whereas a quick reply is dictated or typed to others.

Local companies starting to embrace Web 2.0
Despite low broadband penetration rates and high local hosting costs South African companies are starting to invest in new media and Web 2.0 services

WTO Rules Against US Net Gambling Ban
The U.S. ban on Internet gambling is not in line with international trade policy, the World Trade Organization stated Friday. In a 51-page ruling, the WTO dispute settlement board found that the U.S. had not taken steps to better align its own domestic regulation of gambling with its prohibition against U.S. residents placing bets at overseas-based Internet casinos.

UFO-Seeking British Hacker May Face US Trial
A British UFO enthusiast who hacked into U.S. military computers in 2001 and 2002 lost his extradition appeal Tuesday in London's High Court and may face trial in the U.S. Gary McKinnon faces up to 60 years in prison after he was charged with hacking into 97 U.S. military and NASA computers in the hopes of finding secret data on UFOs.

ICANN May Explore Becoming International Organization
The closest thing the Internet has to a governing body seems to want the same kind of immunity from national laws that the International Red Cross and the International Olympic Committee have enjoyed for decades. A recent report prepared for the board of ICANN says the organization should 'explore the private international organization model' and it should 'operationalize whatever outcomes result.'

Internet Fraud Schemes Claim Record Amount, Report Says
Americans lost a record amount to Internet fraud schemes last year, and the notorious 'Nigerian 419' scam is blamed for the largest individual losses. A government report on 2006 Internet crimes also records the sudden emergence of extortionists who use e-mail to deliver ominous threats that grave consequences await unless money is sent.

Microsoft Sues Over Discounted Sales of Windows, Office
Microsoft Corp. has filed five new lawsuits against U.S. companies and individuals it claims sold deeply discounted Windows and Office software intended for students. The company filed the suits in federal courts in California, Nevada and Florida, alleging the parties infringed on Microsoft's copyright by importing and distributing versions of Windows and Office that were not meant to be sold through the retail channel.

Employee wins compensation after being fired because of blog - Workplace Law Network
In a judgement that could have ramifications in the UK an English secretary who says she was sacked because her Paris employer objected to her blog has been awarded £30,000 for unfair dismissal.

When software causes damage

Navy Laptops with Sailor Info Stolen
Three password protected laptop computers have been identified as missing from the Navy College Office located on Naval Station San Diego. While the Navy College Office does not have complete information about what information was on the laptops, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) may be on the computers, including Sailors’ names, rates and ratings, social security numbers, and college course information.

Indiana Man Sentenced For Selling Counterfeit Software On eBay
An Indiana man was sentenced Wednesday to 27 months in federal prison for selling more than $700,000 worth of counterfeit computer software on eBay.

UIC worker charged in security breach
A Chicago hospital worker is charged with stealing patient information. An emergency medical technician is accused of using his job to access the sensitive data of at least eight patients at UIC Medical Center for his own use. The EMT has been fired from the hospital.

Air defense system data possibly leaked - ENGLISH
Data allegedly stolen by a Maritime Self-Defense Force officer contained details of an advanced defense system designed to protect a fleet from air attacks, sources said.

McKinnon loses extradition appeal
Gary McKinnon, the man who allegedly broke into the US military and NASA computer systems, has lost his High Court fight against extradition to the US.

Sports Groups Try to Limit Online Use of Game Information
A spreading trend among international sports institutions imposes vigorous controls over the online use of game information and photographs. In February, a dispute broke out between the International Rugby Board and the World Association of Newspapers over restrictions that will be imposed during the Rugby World Cup, which starts in Paris in September.

Microsoft to Release Early Patch for Cursor Hack
Microsoft Corp. plans to patch a security hole in Windows related to an animated cursor that hackers have used to launch attacks after users click on links to malicious Web sites. Microsoft, whose Windows operating system runs on some 95 percent of the world's computers, said it would release the patch outside of a regular monthly security update because it completed testing earlier than anticipated.

Apple to Sell Unrestricted EMI Tunes for Premium Price
EMI Group will soon sell digital music with better sound quality and no digital rights management restrictions through Apple's iTunes Store. Higher-quality music files, which will play on any computer and any digital-audio player, will not replace the copy-protected EMI music currently sold through iTunes. Rather, they will complement the standard 99-cent iTunes downloads and will be sold at a premium: $1.29 per song.

Monday, April 02, 2007
  Plot thickens at Telkom, BCX hearings
Telkom and Business Connexion (BCX) have been accused of conspiring to the detriment of BCX's newest division, BCX Communications.

IT eliminates driver fraud
Automating driver testing and the learner licence exam is about reducing road deaths, says Gauteng transport MEC Ignatius Jacobs.

SMS opt-out made easier
The Wireless Applications Service Providers Association (WASPA) will next week publish an amended code of conduct to make it simpler and cheaper for consumers to opt out of subscriptions.

SA loses ground in world ICT rankings
Sluggish liberalisation in the telecommunications sector has seen SA plunge a substantial 10 places down a list of the world’s most technologically advanced countries.

YouTube’s troubles
Microsoft is teaming up with NBC Universal and News Corp to launch a rival to Google’s YouTube video sharing service. The stakes are high as billions of advertising dollars follow viewers online. But it could be years before SA sees similar battles.

SA's broadband and ICT environment worsen
A report released yesterday by the World Economic Forum shows that South Africa has fallen ten positions in the Networked Readiness Index. smiles as Icasa pulls plug on M-Net
There may be gloom at M-Net headquarters this weekend, but the pay-TV channel’s competitors cannot stop smiling.

The ‘evil side’ of the web
The war against computer viruses may no longer be winnable, with criminals and espionage agencies spreading their attacks, experts have warned at the world's biggest computing fair.

Court Upholds Ruling Against Adult Websites
A federal appeals court ruling in a case involving an adult publisher appears to have delivered broader legal protections for online service providers against lawsuits claiming privacy violations and other illicit behavior by their users. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit released a 26-page opinion that upholds a number of lower-court findings against the adult-oriented Web site Perfect 10 in a lawsuit against a family of companies including Web hosting service CWIE and credit card processing firm CCBill.

Windows Cursor Exploit Becomes Widespread
A zero-day exploit that takes advantage of a vulnerability in the Windows cursor could be spreading rapidly. The hole in the Windows animated cursor, which was flagged in a Microsoft advisory, has moved from a targeted attack to one that is widespread, said Johannes Ullrich, chief research officer for the Sans Institute, which also issued an advisory.

ICANN Board Rejects Proposal for .xxx Domain
The agency that sets the Internet addressing guidelines influencing how people navigate the Web defeated a proposal to give adult websites their own '.xxx' domain. Many in the adult-entertainment industry and religious groups alike had criticized the plan, which the Canadian government also warned could leave the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers in the tricky business of content regulation.

Most data centre thefts are inside jobs -
Acts of theft, fraud and vandalism in data centres are three times more likely to be inside jobs than perpetrated by external parties, according to data centre firm Migration Solutions.

Intellectual property theft spreading fast -
One-third of US enterprises recently surveyed admitted losing sensitive data in the past 12 months, while another 11 per cent were 'unsure' whether a breach had occurred.

UK firms failing to protect sensitive data -
UK office workers believe that their employers would not know if they transported sensitive information out of the workplace, new research has claimed.

SS numbers accessed
Rosters containing information, including Social Security numbers, of about 380 St. Mary Parish public school employees were accessed March 19 by a Yahoo! Web page search engine crawler.

Hospital laptop theft sparks concerns [printer-friendly] | The Register
A laptop containing data on 11,000 children between the ages of eight months and eight years old has been stolen from a Nottinghamshire hospital.

Pa. coroner to be tried for giving reporters gov. password
An elected coroner has been ordered to stand trial after a newspaper reporter testified that the coroner, trying to keep reporters from calling him, gave her the password to a confidential government Web site.

Oracle Lawsuit: SAP Committed 'Theft On A Grand Scale'
Oracle alleged that workers at an SAP subsidiary "copied and swept thousands of Oracle products and other proprietary and confidential materials into its own servers."

How Girl 6 Hacked Into Mps Commons Computer (from Daily Echo)
An MP has told of her concerns after a six-year-old Hampshire girl hacked into her computer in the House of Commons.

TJX breach involved 45.7m cards, company reports - Daily Business Update - The Boston Globe
At least 45.7 million credit and debit card numbers were stolen by hackers who broke into the computer systems at the TJX Cos. in Framingham and the United Kingdom and siphoned off data over a period of several years, making it the biggest breach of personal data ever reported, according to security specialists.

A Gala Tribute to Global Copycats
If it were possible to graphically chart creative development -- including slogans, branding ideas and corporate identities -- the result would clearly show that innovation is almost dead. Decades ago, a fresh new idea would spark hundreds of others in a competitive creative race. One-upmanship was a source of pride, and victors were respected -- but not copied.

Viewpoint: Social Networking: A Web 2.0 Revolution
If we think of YouTube as a massive interactive platform, though not a merged master platform, it provides a stellar example of the power of interactivity and collaboration without anarchy. Though some might argue otherwise, there is systemically no real chaos in the YouTube platform. Put simply, it works!

Authorities Bust Internet Bookmaking Operations
New York and New Jersey law enforcement officials busted two Internet bookmaking operations that allegedly handled more than half a billion dollars in sports wagers over the last 16 months. Authorities said the arrests targeted 'traditional mob-run' bookie operations.

New Version of Open-Source Software License Released
The latest draft of revisions to the dominant open-source license offers an accommodating approach to some significant objections, but it could throw a wrench into the works of a major open-source company, Novell. The third draft of GPL 3 softens some positions in areas where Linus Torvalds and Hewlett-Packard were concerned, but it raises the possibility of crippling Novell's budding Linux business.

TJX Data Theft Affected 45.7 Million Customers
The theft of millions of customer credit and debit card numbers from the parent of T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and other retail chains underscores the rising sophistication of cybercriminals. TJX said that hackers swiped account numbers for 45.7 million customers over a two-year period -- the biggest publicly disclosed data theft.

HP Takes Swing at Acer Over Patents
Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday filed a lawsuit claiming rival Acer violated five of its patents. Acer responded with assurances that it is investigating the claims. HP currently sits as the global leader in PC sales, while Acer's position is climbing. The level of competition in the PC market suggests part of HP's lawsuit may be a strategy to stymie Acer's momentum.

Yahoo Blows Roof Off E-Mail Storage
Yahoo announced Tuesday it will offer unlimited storage capacity to users of its e-mail service, surpassing competitors such as Google and Microsoft. Also, the company plans to implement measures against abuse from pranksters and hackers. Yahoo will roll out the unlimited storage feature in May in a structured release over several months.

Software: Adobe's New Creative Suite Promises Smooth Operation
"Adobe on Tuesday unveiled its new Creative Suite 3, which offers a tightly integrated platform with design and development tools to suit varying creative workflows. CS3 includes Design Premium and Design Standard editions; Web Premium and Web Standard editions; and Production Premium. CS3 Master Collection, the sixth suite, incorporates 12 of the new applications in a single package.

Russian Court Orders Retrial in Piracy Case
A Russian court has ordered a retrial of a case against a rural head teacher accused of using pirated Microsoft software in his school. Last month a lower court in Perm, some 1,000km (620 miles) east of Moscow, dismissed the case as 'trivial.'

MySpace Sues Spammer for Phishing Scheme
News Corporation's interactive media company MySpace said it has filed a lawsuit against spammer Sanford Wallace in the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. MySpace said it is alleging violations of state and federal laws, including the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and California's anti-spam and anti-phishing statutes.

Judge Approves Yahoo's Click-Fraud Settlement
A federal judge in San Jose, Calif., has given final approval to a settlement in a class-action click fraud lawsuit that requires Yahoo to pay nearly $5 million in attorney fees and give full credits to advertisers dating back to 2004. The judge's action Monday settles claims by Checkmate Strategic Group that Yahoo charged advertisers for clicks on online ads that were fraudulent or done in bad faith.

Supreme Court to Hear Online Child Porn Case
The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear a case involving the overturned conviction of a Florida man for soliciting or offering online child pornography. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the law includes protected free speech and is unconstitutional.

ICANN Reviewing Oversight of Domain Name Registrars
The key oversight agency for Internet addresses is reviewing the way it oversees businesses that sell domain names in the wake of financial and operational problems that left customers of one company nameless. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers already has taken steps to decertify, whose troubles it said resulted in many customers unable to renew names before they expired or to transfer them to rival registration companies, known as registrars, as required under ICANN rules.







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