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Wednesday, July 23, 2008
  Paper must pay costs for NIA: South Africa: News: News24
Business Day has been ordered to pay the costs of a National Intelligence Agency (NIA) application to block publication of a sensitive document, said Intelligence Services Minister Ronnie Kasrils on Tuesday.

The best and worst telecoms providers rated
A recent survey conducted by consumer website MyBroadband ( sheds light on how consumers view the country’s largest telecoms and broadband providers.

The most interesting viruses
Security software maker, Panda Security, recently compiled a list of the most interesting viruses of the past six months. Among these are the creepiest, cleanest and most informative viruses.

Young racists in cyberspace
Apartheid may be dead, but racism is alive and kicking on social networking sites in cyberspace. Facebook has become home to a number of groups that are feeding outrageous messages of race-based hatred to an audience born after Nelson Mandela hammered the final nail in the coffin of legalised racial discrimination in 1994.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
  TV News Anchor Charged with Illegal E-mail Access
A longtime television newscaster was charged with illegally accessing the e-mail of his glamorous former co-anchor, who suspected details of her social life were being leaked to gossip columnists. Federal prosecutors say fired KYW-TV anchor Larry Mendte accessed Alycia Lane's e-mail accounts hundreds of times and leaked her personal information to a Philadelphia Daily News reporter.

Facebook's Redesign Tackles New Forms of Spam
Facebook is making sweeping changes to the world's largest social networking site, aiming to give users more control and to curb new forms of spam, company officials said. The site's redesign aims to make user profiles more dynamic by giving more prominence to the newest information, and it is cracking down on applications that violate privacy or user-control guidelines.

IBM, SAP, Adobe Sued Over Server Security Patents
IBM, SAP, and Adobe Systems are the latest targets of patent lawsuits filed by Implicit Networks. Implicit claims the companies 'are violating two patents for computer-server software that performs faster security functions,' Bloomberg News reported.

Facebook Sues German Company for "Knock-Off" Website
Facebook filed an intellectual property lawsuit against a German company that it has accused of running a 'knock-off' of the social networking website. In a complaint filed in a California court, Facebook accused StudiVZ -- a German company that claims 10m users and calls itself “the most successful social network in Germany, Austria and Switzerland” -- of 'copying the look, feel, features and services' of the Facebook site.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008
  Pirate goods are everywhere
The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has successfully prosecuted Musica for dealing in counterfeit goods. However, it was found not guilty of intent to sell counterfeit goods.

MTN mum on Ambani legal battle
MTN will not comment on media reports that the deal with India-based Reliance Communications may be in jeopardy.

BPO standards to be set
The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) will for the first time set standards for business process outsourcing (BPO) operations.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008
  Groups Sue U.S. for Data On Tracking By Cellphone
Groups Sue U.S. for Data On Tracking By Cellphone: "Two civil liberties groups filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government yesterday, seeking records related to the government's use of cellphones as tracking devices."

The Charleston Gazette - News - Lawyer suspended for e-mail snooping 
The Charleston Gazette - News - Lawyer suspended for e-mail snooping : "A Charleston lawyer has been suspended from the State Bar for two years after he admitted snooping in another law firm's e-mails because he suspected his wife was having an affair with her client."

Trio jailed in U. Hospital med records theft, but I.D. data thought safe - Salt Lake Tribune
Trio jailed in U. Hospital med records theft, but I.D. data thought safe - Salt Lake Tribune: "Now that the billing records of 1.5 million University of Utah Hospital patients have been recovered, police and U. officials are downplaying the possibility that the information will ever be used to commit identity fraud.
Three suspects in the June theft are in jail. On Wednesday, Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder characterized them as 'random' burglars who likely had neither had the equipment nor know-how to gain access to the tapes' partially encrypted data."

Saturday, July 05, 2008
  Staff internet policies must be Facebook-ready, warns expert | OUT-LAW.COM
Dealing with staff who misbehave on the web may be hampered by office policies written without Web 2.0 sites in mind, an employment expert has said. The warning follows disciplinary action against 18 police officers who boasted about crashes on Facebook.

Man Ordered to Pay $15,000 for Redirecting Website
A man has been ordered to pay $15,000 in damages after he set up a shadow website for a Canmore bicycle shop that re-routed Internet users to a gay pornography website. In 2004, Ryan Draper bought the domain name, according to a decision by Court of Queen's Bench Justice Scott Brooker.

Security Firm Finds Flaws in 80% of Corporate PCs
Security firm Sophos ran a 40-day test of visiting computers from corporate users, and the results aren't pretty. Four in five of the machines checked were lacking in at least one area of security.

Software Company Accuses Google of Using Trade Secrets
LimitNone, a small software development company, is seeking nearly $1 billion in damages in a lawsuit that accuses Google of reneging on a partnership with the small company and misappropriating its trade secrets for its Google Apps online service. Specifically, the suit concerns LimitNone software called gMove designed to let people move e-mail, contacts, and calendar information stored in Microsoft Outlook to Google's online service.

Tech-savvy recruited for organised crime - Management - Breaking Business and Technology News at
As organised criminals move from more traditional crimes, such as armed robbery, towards e-crime, there is evidence that they are targeting university students, graduates and the tech savvy for recruitment, according to security experts and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca).

Facebook, ConnectU Go to Court Over Business Idea
A hearing in a dispute between Facebook and ConnectU wrapped up with no ruling, after the federal judge overseeing the matter had closed the proceedings to the public and the press. U.S. District Judge James Ware plans to issue a ruling before too much time has elapsed, attorneys involved in the matter said as they left the courthouse here following the hearing, which lasted somewhat less than two hours.

Obama's Rise Motivates Supremacists Online
Sen. Barack Obama's historic victory in the Democratic primaries, celebrated in America and across much of the world as a symbol of racial progress and cultural unity, has also sparked an increase in racist and white supremacist activity, mainly on the Internet, according to leaders of hate groups and the organizations that track them.

China's Net Censorship "Unacceptable," EU Official Says
EU's telecoms chief Viviane Reding said that China's censorship of the Internet was 'unacceptable' and that the Beijing Olympics were a chance for the country to show its commitment to free flow of information. Reding, who is the European Commissioner for Information Society and Media said she regards the Internet as a free medium for expression and any curtailment of that is limiting the citizen's right to information.

EU Official Wants to Ease Online Shopping Rules
The European Union's consumer chief will propose new rules to make it easier and safer for the bloc's 490 million consumers to shop online in any corner of the 27-nation EU. Some 150 million EU citizens turn to websites such as and EBay for shopping but only 30 million buy goods and services from another EU state, spending on average 800 euros ($1,240) a head.

California Officials Ask ISPs to Block Child Porn
California's governor and attorney general are asking Internet service providers to help stop the dissemination of child pornography. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. issued a press release asking Internet service providers in California to follow the lead of Verizon Communications, Time Warner Cable, and Sprint in 'removing child pornography from existing servers and blocking channels' that disseminate the illegal material.

The Transvaal High Court will hear arguments on whether VANS can build their own networks.

EBay to pay out millions over French counterfeit sales | OUT-LAW.COM
Online auction site eBay has been fined £31.5 million and ordered to forbid the sale of some luxury perfumes in a French court order designed to battle the sale of counterfeit luxury goods.

Google's controversial Street View hits the UK | OUT-LAW.COM
Google's Street View photography cars have been spotted on the streets of London. The company started its first European data gathering for the service in April in Italy.

Child Predators Use Video Games to Lure Victims
Sexual predators are using gaming consoles such as the Wii, PlayStation and Xbox to meet children online. 'Child predators are migrating from traditional methods to alternate media,' says Detective Lt. Thomas Kish of the Michigan State Police.







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