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Tuesday, September 30, 2008
  Vox mulls legal action
Vox Telecom, whose share price has shed 50% this week in the wake of Dealstream's collapse, says it is considering legal action.

Media, tech companies fight piracy
A group founded by several major media and technology companies plans to promote the Web as a place for consumers to get songs, television shows and movies without resorting to piracy.

Security myths
As organisations embark on an information security management programme, they encounter a threat landscape that contains both real and perceived obstacles which distract them from business priorities, according to Gartner.

Altech to oppose minister's appeal
High-technology group Allied Technologies (ALT) reported on Tuesday that it had lifted its diluted adjusted headline earnings per share by 21% to 259c for the six months to August 31.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008
  Anonymous web comments protected like journalists' sources, rules Montana court | OUT-LAW.COM
A court in Montana has ruled that a newspaper does not have to reveal the identity of those who posted comments on its website. A state law that protects journalists from revealing their sources also protects a news site's user comments, the court ruled.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
  No appeal to VANS ruling
THE floodgates have been opened for companies to start laying their own telecommunications networks — and finally start bringing prices down.

Google to bring internet to Africa
Google announced this week that it was involved in a radical new plan to bring internet access to the majority of the developing world.

The Facebook Race
Democrat Barack Obama has a 'tremendous advantage' over Republican John McCain in the race for the White House - at least in terms of friends on social networking sites, a report showed on Monday.

The spam conundrum
Three decades have passed since Gary Thuerk sent the first unsolicited email to around 400 Arpanet users inviting them to see Digital Equipment Corporation’s new System-20 computer.

Security assessment gains traction
With vulnerability assessments becoming a regulatory requirement from many global governments, the service is predicted to grow, says Frost & Sullivan.

Consumer Bill can cost dear
The Consumer Protection Bill, currently before the National Assembly's Trade and Industry portfolio committee, contains an ambiguity that could cause market uncertainty and increase the cost of ICT to consumers.

Saturday, September 13, 2008
  Why JK Rowling won the Harry Potter lexicon lawsuit
A planned encyclopaedia of the world of the Harry Potter books cannot be published, a New York court has ruled. The 'lexicon' infringed the copyright of the novels and in particular of two Rowling-produced companion books.

Top 10 web threats
The list of top 10 e-based threats is dominated by web-based threats.

Young racists in cyberspace
Apartheid may be dead, but racism is alive and kicking on social networking sites in cyberspace. Facebook has become home to a number of groups that are feeding outrageous messages of race-based hatred to an audience born after Nelson Mandela hammered the final nail in the coffin of legalised racial discrimination in 1994.

Microsoft transforms the mouse
Microsoft has released a slew of new hardware, including a brand new BlueTrack mouse which the company says substantially improves on previous-generation pointers. The company also released the Arc mouse, a fold-up mouse designed for travellers.

E-commerce awards 2008
Jump Shopping has launched the 2008 South African E-Commerce awards following the success of the 2007 awards last year.

Google spreading itself too thin
As Google enters its second decade of existence with no apparent rivals for the search-king throne, industry observers warn that the company's biggest enemy may be itself.

Outwitting music pirates
Music industry players have decided to embrace the 'digital age' in order to benefit from the online industry which is dominated by pirates.

Probe into how Google mix-up caused $1 billion run on United - Times Online
The US Securities and Exchange Commission has opened a 'preliminary inquiry' into how an outdated bankruptcy story sparked a $1 billion run on an airline’s stock value.

Newspaper cleared of charges
The Press Ombudsman's Panel has cleared the Mail & Guardian (M&G) newspaper of most allegations made against it for publishing an article headlined 'Big stink over R9bn prawn farm' on February 22.

Thursday, September 11, 2008
  Facebook's new look
Facebook's new look became mandatory on Wednesday in a shift to what the popular social networking website says is a faster, streamlined and more spam-resistant.

Web 2.0 sites attract investments
For a long time new media specialists have been predicting that local Web 2.0 websites were set to take off. This is slowly starting to happen, and large corporations are taking note.

Pirate fined
A Port Elizabeth computer shop manager, Vikesh Singh, has been released on R5 000 bail after being arrested for selling counterfeit Microsoft software to unsuspecting customers.

Impact of VANS ruling
The Altech court ruling against ICASA has caused a major stir in the telecommunications industry, with experts predicting that there will be an influx of VANS licensees looking to self-provide in the future.

IP legislation being finalised
The Department of Science and Technology (DST) is drafting legislation that will encourage the development of local intellectual property (IP) by providing public funding.

SABC wins tech battle
The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has won the right to proceed with a R380 million contract with Sony SA.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008
  Does Outsourcing Put Private Data at Risk?
Late last month the American Bar Association gave the green light to legal outsourcing, provided that firms sending work overseas make sure that everything done beyond U.S. borders is done by the book -- including the protection of confidential information.

Employee has no privacy on company computers, US court rules
Employees do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy for material stored on computers owned by their employers, a US court has ruled.

Prison officers slam EDS data loss
The latest unfortunate UK government data leak - the escape of details of an estimated 5,000 prison officer and admin staff after private contractor EDS mislaid a sensitive portable hard drive - has sparked a strike threat by prison workers.The latest unfortunate UK government data leak - the escape of details of an estimated 5,000 prison officer and admin staff after private contractor EDS mislaid a sensitive portable hard drive - has sparked a strike threat by prison workers.

Altech ruling set to overhaul telecommunications landscape
SA has a split personality when it comes to competition. On the one hand you have a liberal constitution that recognises the benefits that come with free economic activity, and a ruling party that has not only set up competition authorities with considerable powers, but is keen to broaden them to an extent that even the authorities themselves believe may be counterproductive.

Icasa moves quickly to issue licences for construction of networks
The telecoms regulator has begun issuing new licences that will permit operators to build their own networks, just a week after a court victory clarified the law and opened the sector up to hugely increased competition.

Ringtone royalty row heads for court - Mail & Guardian Online: The smart news source
Ringtone provider eXactmobile and a music rights organisation are headed for court in a multimillion-rand battle over royalties.

Saturday, September 06, 2008
  Target's $6m web accessibility payout is a warning to all US sites, says lawyer
Target will pay $6 million to settle a lawsuit that accused the retail giant's website of breaking US anti-discrimination laws. Blind individuals in California can claim up to $7,000 each if they tried to use and encountered barriers.

Arrest made over personal data-filled hard drive sold on eBay
Police have made an arrest in connection with the eBay sale of a computer hard drive containing personal data. The security lapse follows last week's eBay sale of a computer containing one million people's banking details.

Video-sharing site wins copyright battle, despite manual checks on videos
Online video site Veoh has been granted safe harbour under US copyright laws, protecting it from liability for copyright-infringing videos posted by users. Manual spot-checks for copyright infringement did not undermine that protection, the court said.

Google launches web browser with privacy mode
Google will release an internet browser called Google Chrome today that could challenge the dominance of Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox on consumer desktops.

Reclining, gun-toting Jolie is glamorous, say regulators
Film posters of Angelina Jolie provocatively holding and shooting guns glamorised violence and should not have been shown where children could see them, the advertising regulator has ruled.

Thursday, September 04, 2008
  UhuruNet broadband cable
Building of a four-fibre broadband undersea ring around Africa is under way, according to South African government officials.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008
  To blog or not to blog...
Should South African law firms have their own blogs? The answer, according to most experts, is short and simple: yes. But, they caution, there are pros as well as cons to lawyers running blogs. They can be a great communications tool, but they are also extremely time intensive and reliant on excellent content on a daily basis.

Neotel adds regulatory clout
NEW FIXED-LINE OPERATOR Neotel has described as a 'coup' the appointment of highly respected former telecommunications regulator Icasa councillor Tracy Cohen as its new executive head for regulatory affairs from September. broke the news recently and Neotel followed that with an announcement a few days later.

ECA comes alive
HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE: telecommunications regulator Icasa has finally converted the licences of the incumbent telecoms operators and service providers, effectively breathing life into the Electronic Communications Act (ECA) for the first time.

SA man to sue Facebook
Well-known Alexandra community worker Linda Twala is set to sue Facebook and one of its users for defamation of character.

Google`s "don`t be evil" mantra tested
Cape Town-based e-marketing company Entelligence has filed a formal complaint with the Competition Commission against Google South Africa.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008
  Blogger arrested over Guns N' Roses song leak - 28 Aug 2008 - NZ Herald: Technology News, views and comment from New Zealand and the World
A blogger suspected of streaming songs from the unreleased Guns N' Roses album Chinese Democracy on his website has been arrested and appeared in court, where his bail was set at US$10,000 ($14,000).

Taxpayers' details found on eBay
A Leicestershire council is investigating a report that a computer containing taxpayers' personal details was sold on auction website eBay.

Secretary to UN employee jailed for hacking into files
A secretary who hacked into a United Nations employee's private e-mails, stole a copy of her credit card and issued threats, will spend three months in jail, confirmed a Dubai court. A secretary who hacked into a United Nations employee's private e-mails, stole a copy of her credit card and issued threats, will spend three months in jail, confirmed a Dubai court.

Euphoria over Altech judgment
Feelings of elation, vindication and disappointment that it has taken so long greeted the High Court ruling that value-added network services (VANS) are allowed to build their own telecommunications networks.

Naspers looks East
Naspers is building on its Internet businesses in Poland and the Czech Republic and, at the same time, is eyeing Web developments in China and Russia.

State cuts operators slack on RICA
Mobile phone operators will have at least 18 months to register all prepaid handsets in SA under a new deal from the Department of Justice.

Google SA picks fight
A row is brewing between Google SA and a local marketing company, Entelligence Ltd, that counts senior South African bankers GT Ferreira and Jannie Mouton among its shareholders.

More praise for court ruling
Shared infrastructure company Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) has welcomed the ruling by the high court that value-added network service (Vans) companies have the right to self-provide their own network facilities.

Hacker jailed
A university student in China has been jailed for 18 months for hacking into a government website and posting a fake earthquake alert, state media reported.

Google launches browser
Google will today release its newest product in the form of an open source browser called Chrome. The release comes a little ahead of Google's original plans after the company accidentally sent out a comic book-style media release yesterday.

CUASA welcomes VANS ruling
The Communications Users Association of South Africa welcomes Friday's landmark judgement made in favour of Altech Autopage's High Court Application - a decision which clears up the meaning of an uncertain ministerial determination to confirm that VANS can indeed, self provide.

Prepare for IPv6
South African organisations and service providers must begin preparing for the shift towards Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) or risk facing significant operational and technical headaches when they're forced to implement the new protocol in two to three years time.







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